So here goes I guess……….. My very first experience with drugs I was about 7 years old and I caught my sister and her mate smoking a joint on the field at the back of our house I don’t know how but I knew what it was instantly by the smell of it they tried to deny it but I was having none of it I went home and grassed her up lol ( little shit ) my Parents went nutty.

It wasn’t until I moved to a new area that I started to smoke weed myself I must have been around 12–13 at this point and I was spending my dinner money, pocket money e.t.c on Solid and doing 2 ciggie mixes with my mates in the cowshed lol. They were the best times with some really good friends but had I known where it was going to lead I would not have found it as much fun as I did.

So the spliff days got a tad boring so I started experimenting with new Drugs along came E’s and speed and these 2 drugs got a hold of me a young lad in the late 90’s pill-popping and loving absolutely everybody. Them days you could walk down the street and tell some random stranger you loved them and you wouldn’t have to worry about them stabbing you or something. Anyway, I was well into my speed aswell I remember one day going home and I thought I could hear a police Radio Siera oscar from 156 receiving lol I was paranoid and thought they had been in my bedroom looking for the 2-ounce ball of pure Paiste I had hidden and guess where the police were now in my mum and dads room while they where in bed I ran in pulling the bed away from the wall asking where the coppers where hiding. This one time I gave my friend some of this paiste while we got ready to go meet the lady’s and he came up didn’t he and he started picking the woodchip wallpaper from my walls I could not get him to stop so I went out left him in my room I came back 3 hours later to find him still there picking my walls. My other friend I gave him some and we were in my dad’s tire yard my dad’s van had broken down well my mate thought he could fix it off his tits so I left him to it only to come back several hours later to a van missing several parts haha. I could go on and on with these stories like the time I was pilled up and thought my ex-misses arm tasted like chicken? I really should write a book someday.

Then along came the bad stuff I must have been around 17 when Heroin and Crack came into my life or should I say the Devil himself came into my life and I didn’t know what had hit me this new drug to me was vile the first time but something got a grip of me and it was downhill from there a life of crime living on the streets in and out of jail for the next 18 years you know the script of an addict.

It has taken me nearly 20 years to finally get away from my Demons they still haunt me every single day but I have a beautiful Girlfriend Courtney and Two absolutely Gorgeous babies that keep me going every day I am building myself a nice little business as a social media manager and my life has seriously turned around for the better. It was only a matter of time living the way I was and I would have ended up dead if I had carried on living the life of an addict.

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